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Step 1. Purchase NFT sneakers

In order to walk and earn money & create your own routes in DexGO, you need to purchase your own virtual sneakers.

1. Go to Web version of app:

2. Connect your wallet

3. Click to Shoes

4. Press Buy (Crypro) and confirm transaction 

5. Click to My sneakers and Add.


Step 2. Get App and connect wallet

1. Go to the MetaMask App in phone

2. Click to Browser and search and scroll down. Click on Add Kroma Mainnet and Switch network. Top up your balance if it is empty.

3. Download DexGO App there:

4. Go to User part and switch network to Kroma.

5. On User part select Wallet and Tab Verify.

6. Press Connect wallet and connect mobile MetamMask with Kroma network (which connected to Galxe campaign).

7. Press Add to add 0.01ETH (or another sum) on balance for add money to your balance.

8. Press Sign to subscribe.

9. Press Finish.


Step 3. Create your own route

Film an interesting route in your city and all our users will see it. To do this, go outside and come to the starting point of the route, then open the application and start filming the route. You can also make stops along the route and add our mini-games to them. At the end, don’t forget to send your itinerary to our team for approval.

1. Click to Creator in DexGO app

2. Press Add Stop and choose any mini-games 

3. Click Record route and filming interesting route from 100 meters

4. Click Stop for finish filming

5. Press Build route and add photo & name

6. Click Build route and send for approval.


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